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Easter Get Away

Easter getaway is predicted to be busy with upto 90 minutes added to your journey times. Here we have some tips and advice that may help with the Easter getaway travel plans It's that time of year when thousands of us have an extended weekend and make plans plans for a long weekend get away, be it domestic or abroad. It's also that time when traffic is at one of its most congested throughout the year. Thursday night is predicted to be busy, with the M25 between Leatherhead and Chiswell to experience the worst delays, adding upto 90 minutes to the journey time - according to traffic information company Inrix.  We won't escape the traffic jam here in Kent either. It's predicted that a journey through the Dartford Crossing could take as long as 55 minutes (from junction 4 through to Essex)

If however,  your thinking of ditching the car and travel by train is the better option, think again. The rail network across the UK will have more then 200 rail engineering works.

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