Severe weather warning driving tips from the IAM

The Met Office has issued an amber weather warning for heavy rain across the UK. The IAM are advising on how to keep safe in the storms. 

• Take care when setting your heater controls. Rain can cause windows to mist up in seconds – you don't want to be fiddling with the controls when you should be concentrating on the road so familiarise yourself with the fast demist and directional controls.
• Remember, always see and be seen at all times – as rule of thumb, whenever you need to use the wipers you should also make sure your dipped headlights are switched on, and before overtaking put your wipers on their fastest setting.
• Keep your eyes on the road ahead and plan your driving so that you can brake, accelerate and steer smoothly – harsh manoeuvres will unbalance the car.
• Slow down – in the rain stopping distance is at least doubled. Give yourself more space to help avoid spray, especially when following a large vehicle.
• If you have cruise control, avoid using it on wet roads – you need to pay more attention to road surface conditions and alter your speed gently.


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